To Be a BOLD Witness

by Sarah Scharmota

I think it's important that you understand what I'm talking about before I start talking. Unfortunately, not everyone in this world knows the undying, unfailing, everlasting, ENORMOUS love of God. I don't want to lay a guilt trip on anybody, so don't feel like this is aimed at you, but sometimes it seems that there are quite a few Christians who are perfectly content knowing that they're going to Heaven and, therefore, don't worry about the eternal lives of lost souls. Again, I want to stress that I am NOT speaking about one individual or even a group of individuals, specifically. It's just an observation that I've made over the last year or so.

What I'm trying to say is that so many of us - and I'm guilty of this too - pass up opportunity after opportunity to speak to those people. And I'm not even suggesting that you march right up to them and begin to preach the gospel. That's great if they're ready for it. But, in the meantime, just a friendly "hi" tells them that someone else in this world realizes that they exist. You never know, that may be the only "hi" they get that day. And I promise you, they will remember those things. They will remember that, even if they are having the most downer day, there was someone who took the time to smile and say hi. And they do come back to you and just enjoy being around you. Then, after a while, they begin to wonder how, in a world so filled with hate, you could take the time to smile. And then you tell them about your Heavenly Father.

That all sounds kinda easy, doesn't it? But a lot of times I get to the point where they're ready to hear, and I freeze. I hear God telling me, "Go now" and I still freeze. I've known several people who were very natural at witnessing, but even those people had passed up and still pass up opportunities because they ARE NOT PERFECT!! I don't want to pressure anyone into thinking they have to be the perfect witness, because there was, is, and forever will be only one - JESUS!

Sometimes it helps to be in a group when you witness to somebody. "But if he will not listen, take one or two others along, so that 'every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.'" (Matthew 18:16)

The key thing before witnessing is prayer. Knowing that this is what God wants you to do takes a great amount of the stress off the situation. And don't forget that even if they seem to go away "incomplete," you have done your part and now it is all up to God. You will see results!s

School Prayer

For the past few months, Christians and even some non-Christians have been gathering together for a time of prayer and fasting during the normal lunch periods. I think many of us have found this time to be useful and helpful. However, we have managed to hit a rut in our system. All the rooms that were made available to us in the first term are now being occupied by a fourth hour class. If you have any alternatives as far as rooms go, please check them out with the teachers first, and then contact Jonathan Foster. Thanks a lot, and keep on praying. If you haven't tried this before, and it sounds like something you'd be interesting in participating in, COME ON IN during your lunch period!!

- Sarah Scharmota

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Last modified December 25, 1996