Being a "Jesus Freak"

Not just words...a way of life

by Joey Clark

"What will people think, when they hear that I'm a Jesus Freak?"

Have you heard these lyrics before? I would guess you have - they're from the title song of DC Talk's newest album, Jesus Freak. I, for one, found this album insightful, and it inspired some interesting questions in my mind: What does it mean to really be a Jesus Freak? If we commit ourselves to being a "Jesus freak," how will we act in everyday life? More importantly, how will we think - towards ourselves, and towards God?

I had no trouble answering the first question. Our church youth camp this summer had the theme of "Jesus Freak," and we talked a great deal about what a Jesus Freak really is. It's not just a phrase, not just a title. It is (or should be) a lifestyle, a commitment to be different - not necessarily 'weird,' but different - and to make an honest and constant effort to serve God in every area of life.

So I had in mind what a Jesus Freak is. As I listened to this album, I observed that many of the songs are concerned with unselfishness, purity, and holiness. But somehow the artists have a unique perspective on the issue. It's not an "I'm a holy super-Christian and you're just a low-life" feeling. In fact, it's almost the opposite. Many of the songs are very introspective, requiring us, the listeners, to take an inventory of our own lives, examining our hearts for any evidence of selfishness and impurity.

Take for example the song "In the Light." The words tell the tale of one who senses a continual temptation to stray away from God and try to live without God's power. Of course, running from God is not the answer, and the author realizes this. This is the real cry of the song - to be "in the light" - to be able to rely on God alone, and not stray away into the darkness of doing it our own way.

The point I'm trying to get across here is that we - even if we are committed "Jesus Freaks" - aren't always the great 'spiritual giants' we'd like to be. And while God may not be totally pleased with us, if we keep on seeking God, if we keep on attempting to make our wills conformed to that of God the Father, then we will make progress.

Being a Jesus Freak isn't about being perfect. It's about realizing how reliant we are on God, how we are "still in need of a savior." It's also about having the commitment to keep on striving to be what we know we should be, but are not yet.

If we could all grasp this and commit ourselves to the Jesus freak life, I think our world would truly be a different place. We can make a difference, if we will realize our need for God and draw our strength from him, and not try to live of and for ourselves.

"Oh dear Lord, Three things I pray: To see Thee more clearly, To love thee more dearly, To follow Thee more nearly"

- Day by Day


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