PLEASE NOTE: By reading any of these articles, you understand that the thoughts contained herein are NOT SANCTIONED by any official body on political correctness or righteousness. Read at your own risk, and don't sue me for my thoughts. In other words, these are my inner thoughts -- what I think. They are not necessarily right by God's definition, by society's, and not even by my own. One of the goals of this page and these articles is for you, the reader, to give me feedback and show me how to change for the better.

Ongoing Projects

Bible Thoughts

my "commentary" of questions and comments to go along with my Bible reading

Cute Quotes

my attempts at artistry and creativity with words


longer than a quote, shorter than a wise thought...


If you don't read this, you'll miss out on a good share of my day-to-day life, so please check it out.

Merton Quotes

Thomas Merton has some cool ways of expressing his ideas -- I'd like to share some of my favorites with you here.

Story Quotes

From the book "The Story We Find Ourselves In"

Wise Thoughts


The Rest of Your Life

What is your vision? Some questions to help find it

Feb 24, 2008

The "Super Brain"

dumping brains for community and profit

Feb 14, 2008

Out with 2007, in with 2008

a brief look back, a thoughtful look forward

Jan 5, 2008

2006 Year In Review

365 days in a few juicy paragraphs

Dec 30, 2006


Water sparkles, burnt corn, and eternity

Dec 27, 2006

The Trouble With Traditions

it would help if we had some

Dec 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Thoughts

some statistics that most all of us should be thankful about

Nov 24, 2005

Live Out LOTR

epic fantasies on a nature trail

Nov 19, 2005

Glimpses 3 (Trapped)

Negativity rubbing off on me

Oct 26, 2005

A Whoah! Moment

hospitals inspire interesting thoughts

Oct 11, 2005

Glimpses 2

the legacy of my aunt

Feb 12, 2005

New Year's Resolutions 2005

to be a man and see people, etc.

Dec 29, 2004

Extroverted Confinement

I wanna be with people; I wanna be alone. Who knows what I want?

Dec 24, 2004


Am I one?

Nov 28, 2004

The Hobo

dreaming my dreams again

Nov 20, 2004

Hanging Out

what's the best way? and what about The Lull?

Nov 7, 2004


Thoughts by the guy who sits there

Aug 28, 2004

Big Happy Family

A day in my extremely mostly joyous life

Aug 8, 2004

Games Games Games

what's the best way to socialize with people?

Aug 5, 2004

Missing Love, Take 2

dreaminess gives way to generic satisfaction

Jul 1, 2004

Live Forever

why's it so hard to grasp eternity from this side?

Jun 19, 2004

Transitions and Community

People come, people go; joy finds its way through it all.

Jun 4, 2004

Looking for Repentance

Do I need it? If I did would I admit it?

May 17, 2004

Grappling with Forever

contemplating the intricacies of eternal life

Mar 14, 2004

Smell Safari

odors of joy and memory...

Feb 27, 2004

Math and Infatuation

beware the veiled uncertainties and implicit assumptions...

Feb 17, 2004

New Years Resolutions Update

progress, or lack thereof, and some bittersweet moments

Jan 24, 2004

Valentine's Application Form

sign up to be my valentine

Jan 21, 2004

Toward Romance in 2004

the "some assembly required" version of love

Dec 31, 2003

New Year's Resolutions 2004

my goals for the new year

Dec 31, 2003

Playing Hard to Give

The fun giving season is upon us...

Dec 16, 2003

Eternal Perspective, Really

eternal perspective and why Christian missions rely on it

Nov 22, 2003

Missing Love

being busy and respectable, but missing the love

Nov 8, 2003

Porch Swing Tennis

sports, the contemplative way

Oct 20, 2003

God and Life

if only life with God were as I expect it to be

Oct 15, 2003

Going Away and Wasting Time

the friendship distance increases, and I chronically waste time through it all...

Oct 5, 2003

Realistic Perfection

pinpricks of light shine through the veil of imperfection

Aug 20, 2003

The Rejection Ratio

if you want to keep score on your rejectors, here's some guidance

Aug 1, 2003


Grieving, part 1

Jul 27, 2003


I wish I wasn't so much of one

Jul 15, 2003

Hidden Places

bike riding, hot air balloons, trains, my childhood -- and the hidden places connection

Jul 3, 2003

Like, Love, Hope, and the Afterlife

how do they all fit together? Click to find out how I tried to fit them together.

Jun 2, 2003

Joe's Engineering Principles

things that I learn from working in an engineering environment (these are some principles of Beautification Engineering)

May 25, 2003 (initial release)
(modified 1/23/04)

The Moods of Worship

the importance of music and variety in church services...

Apr 20, 2003

March 22nd resolutions

Joe self-betterment ideas

Mar 22, 2003

Redefining Moments

for the times in life that teach us the most in the most annoying ways

Mar 10, 2003

The Busy and the Bored

how do people in these two groups interact (and where do I fit in?)

Feb 4, 2003

Initiation and Desire

how do they fit together? Do they lead to double standards?

Dec 31, 2002

Loving With Abandon

how in the world can I live out this lofty goal?

Dec 26, 2002

Times of Joy

being thankful for joy & pondering its causes

Nov 28, 2002 (Thanksgiving)

Tier 2

meeting new people: oh what crazy fun it is

Nov 17, 2002

Filling the Void

completion, complementation, and....the spouse void theory

Nov 16, 2002

Repentance -- A Case Study

how should we respond when repenting for the past destroys the future?

Sep 24, 2002

The Why of Marriage

"completion" vs. "complementing" -- why do people take the plunge?

Sep 22, 2002

The Two Selves

when you argue with yourself about finding balance

Jul 27, 2002

Rise Above

rise above the problems in life like a hot air balloon

Jun 28, 2002

Reasons for Incompatibility

can't pinpoint that reason for rejection? this might help

May 27, 2002

What Really Matters?

new gadgets and reminders on appropriate uses for them

May 25, 2002

Not Good Enough?

am I? and thoughts about better vs. different friendships

May 25, 2002

True Service and Being Used

more ramblings about being used

May 18, 2002

Things That Bother Me

what hides behind the happy smile

May 18, 2002

When Love Must Die

ouch. Breaking up is hard to do.

Apr 14, 2002

Steak and Cheese

funny and thoughtful on the same plate

Mar 25, 2002

Harassing Sexual Harassment

people getting fired for one bad comment == stupid

Feb 24, 2002

Leadership and Being Used

am I a good leader, or just a sheep?

Jan 27, 2002


why are they so awkward?

Jan 15, 2002

Reaching for the Beyond

stargazing, church services, and reaching above ourselves

Dec 25, 2001


fun times in Eldora with friends

Sep 30, 2001

Family Camp 2001 Report

Friends, Stargazing, Camping, and Driving

Jul 26, 2001

Where Do We Go From Here?

Technology, Communication, and Purpose in the 21st Century (paper for Philosophy of Technology class)

Feb 25, 2001

The Painful Love Of God

Could it be that God understands this unrequited love stuff?

Feb 14, 2001

God Bless Second Best

Waiting for God's timing...

Jan 13, 2001

A Letter to Myself

Encouragement for the Last Semester

Dec 31, 2000

Senioritis and Love

just found this (3/21/01) -- a bit of whining about love and leaving

Sept 19, 2000

Vindicating God

On Apologetics and the Necessity of Answered Questions

July 9, 2000

Bye Bye Bye

Words I seem to hear a lot

March 24, 2000

Why I Hate Wintel

Another Computer Horror Story

December 30, 1999

Thoughts on the Sinful Nature

well, thoughts on the sinful nature

November 30, 1999

GOSSIP evil is it?

September 8, 1999


more on friendship

August 20, 1999

Unrequited Friendship

friendship hopes that are not mutual

August 14, 1999

WANTED: The Perfect Wife

my list of desirable traits in a spouse (the WIFE page)

July 9, 1999
(modified 12/04/05)

Email Spam...It Tastes Bad

thoughts on a 51k email forward

October 14, 1998

Graduation Memories

thoughts about graduation from JHS

June 24, 1997

Modern Society...Friendship

thoughts on the American society, on dating, and on friendship

February 3, 1997

Super Bowl XXXI - Oh, Joy

thoughts on the Super Bowl

January 26, 1997

The Wisdom of Rob Schneider

a new ongoing subheading of the Wise Thoughts archive. Double the wisdom!! Joy.

ongoing (starting Apr 14, 2002)

Engineering Excellence

thoughts on how to improve myself as an engineer and a person


Marriage Jokes

Why do people enjoy picking on marriage?