Reasons for Incompatibility
- or -
The Joe Self-Betterment Survey
Joe Clark ~~ May 27, 2002

Wow, I'm not sure I've ever made a list quite like this. I guess it's sort of an anti-wife list, in a way, as in the qualities about myself (at least the potential ones that I can find) that prevent me from finding a spouse. (I know I know, it's up to God to reveal the right one at the right time...but play along with me here.) Now, I'll make it clear that...I don't mean to make anyone feel awkward with this list. I mean, sometimes brutal honesty is avoided at all costs, for obvious reasons. And in this case, I don't want any of you readers to feel singled out or any such thing. But, even though I write this somewhat in jest (a little), I really do wonder about these issues, and I am afraid that I won't get any truly serious responses. I guess I really would like honest feedback on these issues, tough as it may be to take. And of course if you respond in any way to this, it's not implying anything about whether you're "interested" in me or not....You can generalize these sayings to say something like, "Well, this may not relate to me, but I can see in your life that...." (I wish I could devise a way for you to respond to this anonymously if you wanted to...maybe I'll work on that someday.) So it's not just about significant others, it could also be titled the "Joe Self Betterment Survey", strange as it may sound to write a survey with such personal content. So with those thoughts in mind....

Here's a survey for you. Please select all of the choices below that relate to why you are not willing or able to be interested in me (Joe) as a significant other: