Realistic Perfection
Joe Clark ~~ Aug 20, 2003

I had a thought today. Good for me. :-) I think it's probably a pretty basic idea, but it's worth saying anyway I think. So I'll share it with you.

As we go through life, I think that we, whether we admit it or not, spend our days looking for perfection and beauty. We in our dreams dream great dreams of life filled with love, hope, light, bright colors, warm breezes, etc. However, in our non-dreaming moments we realize that life is very seldom if ever perfect. Very few things or moments truly and completely satisfy.

For some examples: people are not and can not be perfect. Even if friends and loved ones swear their allegiance and mean it, there are always car accidents and cancers and car bombs to make that promise unkeepable. Hot air balloons (typical of me, huh?) can not be perfect; there are always those 15 MPH winds to ground them. Bike rides are not perfect; there are always winds and heat and flat tires and traffic to restrain the joy. Reading books is not perfect; there is eye strain to worry about. Hiking is not perfection; there are muscle aches afterwards. Listening to music is not perfect; songs get old and we get restless. Traveling is not perfection, because you always have to come home, and because you can't escape from yourself. Nature is not perfect, because where there are grand sights there are bears and rattlesnakes, and where there are flowers and brilliant colors there are also thorns and bees. Possessions are not perfection; it is obvious to the honest that possessions are only grown-up toys -- useful and pleasurable, but usually not the perfection we seek. And the list could go on....

Well, you get the idea. So there is a lack of perfection. The thought that energized me today is that while there is a veil of imperfection over our lives, there are also a million pinpricks of sheer light and true perfection that we can catch a glimpse of beyond the veil. This veil that we sense around us is sometimes quite thin, when life is joyous and the perfection seems almost within reach; at other times the veil hangs over us as the dark of night. But as the dark of night has pinpoints of starlight shining through, so our lives and our circumstances have pinpricks of beauty and perfection shining through, should we choose to find them.

So, when the times come when all that seems visible is the veil and the darkness, I hope you will have the ability and hope to look beyond the veil to see the holes where the light -- the perfection -- is shining through. It is those bits of light that help us get through the veiled times, and everyday life too, really, because everyday life has its share of imperfections and unmet dreams too.

That's all for now. Just something to, um, brighten your day with. Ponder it, and be happy. :-)